If you really want some answered questions and you really want to know just what it’s like
If you really want to dig inside my head pull up a chair you’ve got all night
I am you – Off With Their Heads

I am a journalist living in Egypt.

This is the graveyard for writing that doesn’t find a home elsewhere, plus a few clippings that I feel like sharing.

The title of the blog is lifted straight from the title of a documentary about Douglas MacDiarmid, a New Zealand born artist who has lived in Paris for the last 60 something years. I hope he doesn’t mind me appropriating it. I like his art, he’s pretty cool, and the idea of being a stranger everywhere really resonates with me.

If you have any thoughts on the blog please get in touch.

But there’s a little bit of me in everyone
Whether you admit or not we’re all the same



4 Comments on “About”

  1. Lorena says:

    Hey Cam, love your blog! And you definitely look like the actor of Into the Wild in that picture.
    Keep up the good work!
    x lorin

  2. Stuart says:

    In response to your quote from Off With Their Heads, how about this from Bob Dylan?

    I’m just average, common too
    I’m just like him, the same as you
    I’m everybody’s brother and son
    I ain’t different from anyone
    It ain’t no use a-talking to me
    It’s just the same as talking to you

  3. eric grinda says:

    Dear Campbell
    I hope you are well Douglas mac Diarmid forwarded me your blog. I am happy you used the title of my documentary to name your blog. In the eventuality you would like to connect your readers to the film here is the link to its trailer with the option to order the DVD.
    Yours sincerely – Eric Grinda – http://www.artisanltd.com.hk

  4. Sum says:

    “But there’s a little bit of me in everyone Whether you admit or not we’re all the same”
    I couldn’t agree more in a globalised world, we all swim in a single microbial sea

    I like your blog , and yea I second that , you do look like that actor from “Into the wild “

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