Another night in Cairo

The boys were showing off as they wove through traffic on their bicycles. As they pulled up next to me I caught their attention by raising my camera, as if to say “hey, do that again.” They happily obliged and rode in front of me holding hands and waving.

Ahead the traffic slowed but the boys didn’t notice. Too late they split apart, one boy weaving between two cars, the other trying to slow his bike by dragging his feet. He wobbled as he approached the slowing traffic and then, as he passed it, slipped. His bike and his leg went under a battered white hatchback. Its back wheel unceremoniously crumpled them both with a thud. The boy yelled and the car stopped. A man got out yelling. The boy hobbled up onto on leg and started yelling back. A crowd of men quickly gathered, all yelling.

My driver quickly pulled a U-turn and drove away, afraid of me being inculpated. I don’t know what happened to the boy or the driver.

I replied the scene in a loop in my mind for days afterwards.

Uploaded a few more photos recently. More TK


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