A strange year in 2011

A Stranger Everywhere is a bit of an amorphous blog. Most blogs seem to have a fairly clear sense of purpose but the stranger’s is simply a place for stories that have nowhere else to go. Maybe it’s for that reason that people seem to end up here from some fairly unusual places. A recent perusal of the site stats revealed some of the more unusual routes search engine terms that have led unsuspecting browsers to the stranger’s lair. Here are a sample:

  • canerbury stubbies for work”

I’m not sure what this person was after but I’m fairly sure he wouldn’t have got what he wanted here. I’m sorry, you might have better luck finding what you’re looking for if you learn how to spell.

  • africa stranger sex” and “prostitutes in bujumbura”

I didn’t have any strange sex in Africa, nor any sex with strangers. No sex full stop. But I did go to a pretty sexy party and I’m guessing that whoever searched for those terms ended up at my post about it.

  • crack dens in kolkata”

Despite never having been in a real Kolkata crack den I feel qualified to offer some advice on this topic. I would suggest that if you need a crack den in Kolkata, just make your own, as I did.

  • varanasi cant wait to leave”

I know how you feel. I think I blogged about it here.

  • peshawar bottom boy”

I found plenty of child labourers in Peshawar, and a hijra, but no bottom boys. I hope this person didn’t either.

  • kolkata sonagacchi focking girls”

Go stick your dick in a pencil sharpener you illiterate fuck. That generally sums up my feeling for the clients of Kolkata’s red-light district that I wrote about tangentially in this post.

  • nick kembel girlfriends”

Nick my friend, I don’t know how many girlfriends you have and nor why people are at my blog trying to find out but you are a great man and I recommend people check out your website and your book on Taiwan.

  • royal stag whisky drink in india”

Yes, I can recommend it, even on a crook gut.

  • Is naswar meant to burn your gums?” and “are you supposed to swallow naswar spit?”

Finally questions my blog probably answered. Yes and no! Never swallow, in fact don’t even put it in your mouth in the first place. Naswar related search terms are the most common to refer to my blog and stem from this experience I had.

  • The next most common search term are ones concerning broken molars, and relate to the gnarly experience I had with a doughnut and a dentist in Darjeeling.

Lastle, what was the stranger’s most read post of 2011? Perhaps this one about a massive earthquake in Darjeeling? Actually no, the post that garnered the most hits wasn’t even written by the stranger. It was a guest post by his friend and partner in many crimes “the misled”. His blog is choice, you should read it if you don’t already.

So where to for the stranger in 2012? Less blogging and more work hopefully, but he may end up back here from time to time.


One Comment on “A strange year in 2011”

  1. samcwallace says:

    You have misled many a surfer of the net. For this I thank you.

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