Sufi night. Or not.

Things don’t always go according to plan travelling. Yesterday was one of those times. I was really looking forward to checking out Lahore and then going to a Thursday sufi nights that Lahore is famous for. Unfortunately my gut flora conspired against me and I spent the day lying on my bed sweating watching the fan spin afraid to venture more than five metres from a toilet.

Of course this morning when the other travellers in the dorm finally got up – they didn’t get home until after four – they were raving about what a great time they had. One younger traveller the rest of us nicknamed Jesus (for his beard and hair) proudly boasted that he’d been the most stoned he’d ever been in his life. Well I’m not sure I’m disappointed to have missed out on that but the rest of it sounded good.

I’m still not feeling great but I hope I get a chance to see a little more of Lahore before I leave for Amristar tomorrow.

Here’s what my friend Nick had to say about sufi night.


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